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Self-directed Support Service

Self-directed Support (SDS) has been introduced to give you more choice and flexibility in how you can get the support you need.

There are 4 different ways to do this and they are called ‘SDS Options’. Once Health & Social Care have advised you about the assistance you can have, we’re just a call away for free information, advice and support about SDS.

When you get in touch, our experienced SDS advisors will firstly want to find out what is important to you, or the person you’re caring for. This will let us give you one-to-one support to start you thinking about what option you want.

We can assist you to employ your own personal assistant/s by letting you know about safe recruiting by supporting you through every step you need to know about being a good employer. Remember we have helped lots of people in Ayrshire to employ their own personal assistants so you can speak to someone just like you who wanted to take this option. Once you’re happy with your choice, it means you can begin to get on with the things you really want to be doing!

If you prefer to have agency support we can assist you with this and help you check their Care Inspectorate reports.

View SDS options video A Simple Guide to SDS Support
Self-directed Support Service

Here are the 4 different ways you can arrange the SDS that suits you.

Option 1

You choose to take Direct Payments to buy and arrange the support you want

Option 2

You can ask the council to arrange the support you want and the money is managed through an Individual Service Fund (ISF)

Option 3

The council pick and arrange the support they think is best for you.

Option 4

A mix of the other 3 options

View SDS options video

Remember, it can be a lot to take in at first, so don’t worry, we’re just a call away on 01294 475685/6 if you prefer a chat