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Focus Group meeting – Having a natter about our new Simple Guide to Self-directed Support Option 1


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Our Focus Group who get SDS met for a natter at the Gailes on 25th May to discuss the new Simple Guide to SDS Option 1 guide we’ve developed, the goal was to:

  • Be able to explain SDS in an easy way
  • To explain the support available for people who want to know more about SDS
  • To make information clearer about SDS


What did people tell us about the new guide?


“I thought it was excellent and would be a great introduction to anyone new to SDS. There was nothing that jumped out at me that needed to be changed. It covered the essential points and I thought it had a nice balance of information with a friendly welcoming tone”.

“I like that it tells me about AILN, how long they have been around (not a new company) as it reassures me that you know what you’re doing”.

“I think the booklet is excellent and I would love to have got that at the beginning when I started with SDS which was around 15 years ago”.

“It should be written that there is a video available to view on the website as it is a good resource and explains it very well from real people”.

“I like that the Care Commission number is on the booklet as I haven’t been given that before”.

“I would like Option 1 explained in black and white saying ‘Don’t be scared, you get support from AILN who do all the work for you”.

“It would be good if the booklet had the statement ‘you are not alone’ as AILN are there to support you with everything”.

“It doesn’t state on page 5 where the money comes from, as the money is not given out by AILN, it’s funding from the local authority”.


We will make the changes and print up the new guide, this will be given to anyone who wants to know more about Option 1. We will launch it at our open day at the end of August and it will be available for download from our website. 




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