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Personal Assistant – 3/Tarbolton/SB 17/04/2018 private employer Tarbolton

Wanted: – We are looking for someone who has a genuine passion for providing excellent care and can demonstrate professionalism and commitment.

Job Reference: – 3/Tarbolton/SB


Job Title:   Personal Assistant


Wage Rate…………. per hour and 5.6 weeks AL pro rata


Hours: – Rotational  17 hours per week


Job Title:   Personal Assistant


This post is to assist a disabled man who lives with, and is supported by his family, in their home. It is important to recognise that the care and support you will assist with will be provided within the family home, therefore confidentiality and respect for the family’s privacy and daily routine is of the upmost importance.

You will support the person with all aspects of her personal care and daily living, mainly at home but occasionally in the community.

You will be required to work on a flexible basis including evenings and weekends.

You should have a positive, flexible and friendly personality

If you are required to drive the client’s vehicle, you will need a clean driving licence.


Job Description

You will be employed to work as a personal assistant and companion to a friendly, outgoing younger Disabled Man, his interests include – chatting, watching television, watching his favourite shows and looking at pictures of trains and tractors on his IPad. He also enjoys visiting cafés and garden centres, and parks in the summer. He especially enjoys going out for the day on the Train to Glasgow for lunch followed by some retail therapy.

The Man’s condition can mean that activities may have to be flexible as there are days when he can suffer from substantial pain. This can make these interests more difficult for him.


Duties and responsibilities

To engage in face-to-face conversation with the person both in groups and on an individual basis.

To encourage the person to participate in activities and events of his choosing and at his own pace within an inclusive environment.


To treat the person you are employed to care for with dignity, respect at all times. To be gentle, when moving, and assisting the person, this is so as not to cause unnecessary pain or discomfort.


To provide full support with safeguarding and assisting with all transfers from bed to chair/ chair to bed etc.

To provide personal support and companionship to enable the person to live safely and happily in his own home.Helping him to make choices and manage his time in a positive way.


Always encouraging him to be as independent as possible in all daily tasks.


To support him socially in his home and on outings. To ensure he is safe at all times.

To actively comply and operate within the bounds of Health & Safety, including manual handling, lifting techniques and first aid. It is important that he feels safe, secure and protected.


To ensure on both entering the home and leaving that hands are thoroughly washed and antiseptic hand gel if this is provided, to reduce the spread of germs and infection.

If you are required to undertake training to do your job safely. You must attend training courses that are arranged for you.

To read the Premier Care Health and Safety staff handbook and to read appropriate Health and safety legislation that you need to know to do your job. These documents are in the Employers white folder. If you need assistance to do this please contact Ailn for advice?

To ensure that suitable action and reporting is undertaken regarding any safeguarding issues or hazards that you become aware of with regard to the person. To complete incident and accident report sheets if and incidents or accidents take place. (Forms in employers white Folder).

To attend for work at the agreed times and give appropriate notice if you cannot attend.

To provide full support with all personal care requirements for example: support with washing/showering, bathing, drying…

Support as required with changes of clothing, dressing and undressing. Support as required with hair care, styling, and nail care. Help and support to get in and out of bed to chair/ chair to bed, assistance with eating and drinking, cutting up food etc. mobility assistance with moving and positioning in chair, bed etc.

To ensue appropriate levels of hygiene, assisting with toileting, tooth brushing and any other reasonable requirements in a friendly, supportive, light hearted and patient way.

To assist the person with household tasks and to ensure things are left in an orderly, clean and tidy manner.

To provide support with meals including cooking light meals and snacks, and to tidy up afterwards.Assistance with eating, drinking where needed e.g. – cutting up food hand over hand, ensuring he does not put too much in his mouth causing risk of choking


To remind and prompt the person to take medication at the correct times and to log this on medication sheets if required.

To accompany and provide support to the person to enable them to get the most out of all social activities both inside and outside the house. Companionship will be important in this respect.

Support the person to attend any appointments such as the doctor, barber, and dentist if required


Skills required

A genuinely caring, outgoing person with the ability to be friendly and supportive when necessary

A calm and patient person who will not become easily flustered or impatient

A good knowledge of epilepsy and first aid.

The ability to react to the varying moods of the person in an appropriate way at all times

Able to use own initiative whilst being aware of the person’s needs.

Strong awareness of respect and dignity for the person ensuring this always occurs

Excellent communications skills with the person and their family

Previous experience in a caring role would be advantageous


Hours of work & salary










Post subject to successful reference and PVG checks.


Two up to date Reference contactsare required one of which must be from a present or previous employer. In addition a new PVG enhanced disclosure will be required prior to appointment (disclosure cost to be met by the employer).


There is a 6 month trial period attached to this post

If you have any questions, please email



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