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P/T Support worker / driver – EG/Saltcoats/20hrs&S/Os 18/12/2018 private employer Saltcoats

P/T Support worker / Driver

The employer is a disabled man who has recently moved in to his own flat. It is important to recognize that the care and support you may be employed to assist with will be provided within his home and out with, therefore confidentiality and respect for his privacy and daily routine is of the utmost importance.  

The tasks you may be required to do will vary, according to his needs, and could include the following:


Assistance/ reminding me to take my medication

** He is diabetic type 2, has high cholesterol and high blood pressure

Help with showering, Bathing, Drying myself

Assistance at the Toilet –  I need reminding to wash myself and my hands properly


Assistance with shaving

Help with dressing

Assistance with nail care, oral hygiene

Assistance with foot care

Assistance washing, drying, styling hair


HOUSEHOLD TASKS: When covering while my parents are away

These will be completed on a regular basis throughout the week or when needed:

Cooking and Preparing a meal, sandwich, drink

My dietary requirements are that I am diabetic type 2, so I need to watch my sugar intake

Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy, mopping floor

Household cleaning, which will include the bathroom, bedrooms etc

Laundry, Ironing

Changing Bedding

Dusting, Hoovering

GENERAL TASKS:  Done as and when required

Going to the local shops / assisting me with my shopping

Reporting any faults with any equipment used to my Mum or Dad.

Cooking and preparing food for myself and possibly others

Light household maintenance e.g changing a light bulb using the appropriate equipment e.g ladders.

SOCIAL ACTIVITIES / OUTINGS: You may be required to assist me

When going to the Cinema/Theatre

Meeting Friends/Family

Assisting with Leisure Activities

Going out in the evenings

Driving — May include using your own vehicle

Eating Out

Going to the Pub for lunch

Going on Buses, Trains for days out

You may be asked to accompany the Employer on Holiday ( Paid )

Personal Assistant Hours and Days of Work:

The posts available will include mornings, Afternoons, Evenings and Weekends and sleepovers, with a bit of Flexibility built in to cover other staffs A/L or sickness.

The earliest start time will be _7.30am_ and the latest finish time will be 11pm

The Wage rate is £8.75 for any hours worked .

Sleepovers ( 10pm-8am ) will be £_78.30 _per shift

Wages are paid 4 weekly in arrears straight in to your bank

***This Job Description is not set in stone and may change in the future according to his needs.

There is a 6 month probationary period attached to the post, with a 1 weeks’ notice if the post is not working out.

Successful applicant will have to supply to up to date reference contacts and willing to undergo a new or update of the PVG disclosure scheme ( cost will be met by the employer )

To apply for this post

Please email your CV to and quote ref EG/Saltcoats/20hrs

Or request an application form by tel 01294 475685

Please note AILN are NOT the employers, we are purely a support service for Private employers

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