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P/T Support worker / Driver 22hrs – West Kilbride – EG 01/08/2022 Private employer West Kilbride

Job Outline –   Current Location North Ayrshire, with a view to moving to Troon at the end of the year

Post Personal Assistant to a Lady  in West Kilbride, North Ayrshire


Support worker/ Driver 22 hours per week


Living wage rate – £11.44 per hour, wages are paid 4 weekly in arrears
Annual Leave


5.6 weeks paid Annual leave pro rate for contracted staff
Days of work / times required



Mon to Fri

4 days @ 4.5hrs and 1 day @ 4hrs

10am – 2.30pm

Occasional evenings, but will be advised in advance

Job Purpose To work closely and flexibly with a Lady who has a Parkinson’s disease. This can affect her speech, therefore you should be very patient and give her time.

The role is to ensure she is appropriately supported to participate in a full range of opportunities in her life and to continue to develop and follow her hobbies and interests.

Employer You will be employed by the personal employer, who will be assisted to administer payroll and undertake the necessary employment support responsibilities by a her local Support Organisation.
Probationary period


·       There is a 6 month probationary period attached to the post

·       Successful applicant will have to undergo a new or update of the PVG disclosure scheme and supply 2 up to date reference contacts prior to appointment

Key Duties and Responsibilities




You will be responsible for supporting the lady to engage in all aspects of community life and activities as directed by her.

You will NOT be assisting with personal care tasks at present, but possibly in the future.

You will be required to assist her with her hair and makeup. Light household duties to include doing dishes, tidying up, help to organise her meds, shopping and any other reasonable duties as required.

Being flexible is a key component to this job and you will be guided by the employer herself about the particular activities she wants to participate in at particular times and you are expected to support her choices.

You may be required to work the occasional evening on occasions to support her interests. This will usually be planned in advance.

You should be light minded, non-judgemental, empathetic, with a positive attitude, patient and flexible, fun loving, open to others points of view and respectful. Preferably have similar interests to the lady – See her hobbies at the end of the job advert.

Confidentiality is of high importance to the employer

You will be required to be a driver and have your own transport, with business use on your car Insurance.

The wage rate has a travel element included in it, to cover fuel to go to the local shops for or with the employer.

Any further travel for the employer or with the employer in your car, the employer will reimburse you for your fuel. Getting to and from work will be your own cost.

You may at times be required to provide companionship in her home.

Training None required at present


Person Specification


Attributes: Essential Criteria


Knowledge & Skills An understanding of how to support and facilitate in a way that empowers the person.

Good interpersonal skills and values reflecting social inclusion.

Excellent and effective communication skills.

Excellent listening skills.



Working knowledge of good person-centred practice.









Can draw on lived experience of positively supporting someone

Can engage effectively

Have supported people to achieve positive outcomes in their life.
Personal Qualities The employer has a wide range of interests which are in a table at the end of this person spec. She is looking to recruit someone with some similar interests.

She is looking for someone with a good sense of humour, down to earth, likes a good blether and a bit of banter but is also a good listener.

The person should be good at connecting into community activities and making contacts/networks

Wide experience of community activities
Other You must have a full clean UK driving licence, with business use on your Ins

You must have a good sense of humour, be flexible and reliable



The Persons interests are:




Walking Listening to music
Being outdoors


Family Mindfulness


Fitness Education



To apply for this post please email your CV to and quote the job reference


Successful candidate vacancy offer is subject to successful PVG and references





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