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Casual Worker – 8/Ayr/SB 17/04/2018 private employer Ayr

Post: – Casual Worker


Job reference: – 8/Ayr/SB


Rate of pay £8.25 per hour plus 5.6 weeks AL pro rata


Sleepover pay rate: – 10pm until 8.00am £64.80


The employer is a disabled woman in a wheelchair, who lives in her own home. It is important to recognise that the support you are employed to assist with will be provided within the family home, therefore confidentiality and respect for the family’s privacy and daily routine is of the utmost importance.  


There is no actual handling of the Employer, assistance must always be given using appropriate equipment e.g. Ceiling Tracking Hoist


The tasks you may be required to do will vary, according to my needs, and could include the following: Depending on what shift you may be doing


PERSONAL TASKS: Morning and Evening

Help with dressing

Help with showering, Bathing

Help in and out of Bed to Chair / chair to bed. Using a hoist

Help using the Toilet


HOUSEHOLD TASKS: Daytime / Afternoon staff

These will be completed on a regular basis throughout the week


Cooking and preparing a meal, drink

Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy

Household cleaning, which will include the bathroom, bedrooms etc


Changing Bedding



GENERAL TASKS: Done as and when required Daytime/ Afternoon staff


Going to the local shops / assisting the employer to go out

Reporting any faults with any equipment used, including wheelchair, hoist to the Employer.

Light household maintenance e.g. changing a light bulb using the appropriate equipment e.g. ladders.









You will be required to assist me


When going to the Cinema/Theatre

Going to appointments

Going to the shops

Meeting Friends/Family

Assisting with Leisure Activities

You may be asked to accompany the Employer on Holiday (Paid)



Sleepovers staff —   10pm -8am


To assist the employer to undress and wash prior to going to bed, with the assistance of an overhead hoist.


To empty any rubbish in the kitchen and place in the outside bin also to let the dog out prior to locking up at night.


Ensure all doors and windows are securely closed prior to going to bed.


To turn off the TV, leave the kitchen clean and tidy etc prior to going to bed.


To be at hand for the employer through the night if necessary




Both daytime/ afternoon and overnight support hours are based around the employers needs, as is the rota. Either may change in the future according to the employers support needs.


You will be consulted by the employer as soon as possible regarding any change in your hours or shift pattern (See Terms and conditions of employment).


You must be willing to undertake any required training.



Post subject to successful reference and PVG checks.


Two up to date Reference contactsare required one of which must be from a present or previous employer. In addition a new PVG enhanced disclosure will be required prior to appointment (disclosure cost to be met by the employer).


There is a 6 month trial period attached to this post

If you have any questions, please email

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