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15 hours per week Friday and Saturday Night / 4/Ayr/SB 19/03/2018 private employer Ayr

15 hours per week Friday and Saturday Night / 4/Ayr/SB 15 hours


Driver with access to own vehicle preferred



We are looking for individuals who have compassion and commitment, that can support making positive changes to someone’s life. You should also have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.


You will be employed to work closely with the person mainly in the community to assist him to access social activities of his choosing and to help him to develop new interests and maintain and form new friendships.


The main purpose of this role is to ensure that the person is Safe and feels secure and is able to access friends and social activities in the community.


You will be required to work 15 hours per week on a flexible basis including weekends.


You should have a positive, flexible and friendly personality and a calming and positive nature.


The hourly rate of pay will be £8.45 before deductions.




Job purpose:


To provide direct care and support to the person, assisting him with all aspects of personal care and enabling him to improve his personal, communication, social, and domestic skills as identified in conjunction with the employer.


You must pay close attention to the person’s body language and speech as he uses this as a way of communicating his likes and dislikes. You must provide a calm and nurturing environment with appropriate levels of engagement.




To provide personal support and companionship to enable the person to enable them to participate in activities of their choosing. It is important that the person feels safe, secure and protected at all times.


To provide a calm but engaging environment for the person and to assist them to explore new interests.


To provide full support with all personal care requirements for example: prompting and aiding with eating and drinking, changes of clothing, getting around  ensuring appropriate levels of hygiene, assisting with toileting and changing as required .


To support him socially and to ensure he is safe at all times.


To actively comply and operate within the bounds of Health & Safety, including manual handling, lifting techniques and first aid.


To ensure that suitable action and reporting is undertaken regarding any safeguarding issues or hazards that you become aware of with regard to the person.


To attend for work at the agreed times and give appropriate notice if you cannot attend.


At times, the person may be resistant to engaging appropriately with you and thus a friendly, persuasive, patient and humorous approach may be required.


To provide support with eating and drinking. The person need help to cut up and eat food and someone to hold his cup when drinking with a straw.


To prompt the person to take any prescribed medication at the correct times.




Skills required


A genuinely caring person with the ability to be friendly and persuasive when necessary.


A calm and patient person who will not become easily flustered or impatient.


The ability to react to the varying moods of the person in an appropriate way at all times.


Able to use own initiative whilst being aware of the persons vulnerability.


Strong awareness of respect and dignity for the person, ensuring this always occurs.


Excellent communications skills with the person and his family.



To develop and maintain good professional working relationships with other professionals and outside community agencies.


Attend training sessions and other meetings as requested.


Maintain accurate records of all financial transactions utilizing forms approved by the employer.


Monitor and record the administration of medication as prescribed by the clients GP


To ensure confidentiality is maintained regarding the individual and their Family.


To work according to the Rota provided and to carry out sleep-over duties as required.

To undertake additional duties as necessary to meet the individual’s needs.

Previous experience in a caring role would be advantageous.



Fire, Health and Safety


To be responsible for ensuring that all fire prevention and health & safety practices are adhered to at all times, and that only safe health practice is carried out in accordance with the employer’s policies and procedures.



  1. The post holder will refrain from smoking in any area of the person’s Home.




Hourly rate of pay £8.45 plus 4.5 weeks paid annual leave pro rata.


Post subject to successful reference and PVG checks.


Two up to date Reference contacts are required one of which must be from a present or previous employer. In addition a new PVG enhanced disclosure will be required prior to appointment (disclosure cost to be met by the employer).


There is a 6 month trial period attached to this post 4/Ayr/SB 15 hours


**** Please note AILN are not the employers




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